For anyone who watched last year’s tense, politically charged Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker and thought, “This would make a kick-ass reality show,” then you’re thinking like a G4 network executive. (What does it look like in your mind? Is it nothing but ninjas rescuing topless chicks from imminent explosions set to thrash metal?) G4 has just ordered the new “high-stakes reality show” Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan, which follows a Navy bomb-disposal squad—and while the network is primarily targeted to young men who like seeing shit blow up real good, it’s already taking pains to stress that this new show will have a much more serious tone, beginning with those “high stakes” that include the very real possibility of injury or death.

But don’t worry: It won’t be all existential musing and post-traumatic stress disorder and the way war eats away at a man’s soul to the point where the only way to make it through another round is to accept that you’re dead already. It’ll be fun, too! And  even better, it’ll feature some of that cool technology that G4 is known for. In fact, G4 president Neal Tiles says, “Both G4 and the Navy like this for the same reason: It appeals to the tech side of G4's demographic.” Well, just as long as the Navy recognizes the strategic importance of appealing to the tech side of G4’s demographics.