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G4 cancels the two series that more or less defined G4, Attack Of The Show and X-Play

Hoping to free up more airtime for Cops reruns, apparently, G4 has announced via press release that it will end the long-running X-Play and Attack Of The Show this year. The move comes as something of a surprise considering that Attack Of The Show in particular is seen as G4's signature series, its balancing of geeking out over technology and games with celebrity interviews, random drooling over females, and former host Olivia Munn pandering to the show's primarily male audience all but summing up the network to viewers who were only familiar with it in passing.

X-Play cornered that market even earlier, debuting in 2003 on G4's erstwhile incarnation TechTV, and setting the standard for its transformation into a zippier boys-with-toys channel with its honest reviews of video games. The farewell to both shows will be commemorated with special looks back at their most memorable moments scattered throughout the remaining new episodes, which will be co-hosted by guests like Michael Ian Black, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Horatio Sanz in the lead-up to the finale, where Munn will presumably return to send them off by dressing up in a sexy Grim Reaper costume and jumping into a pool of tears.


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