One family has turned to some cartoon heroes to highlight their children’s triumphs over hardship. Both of Paul and Katrina Pogue’s children have struggled with and overcome various illnesses and disabilities. Their son, Armand, was diagnosed with Stage-4 cancer at age 2, beating the odds thanks to chemotherapy and radiation that left him with hearing difficulty and some physical impairment. The same weekend Armand was diagnosed, the Pogues learned Katrina was pregnant with their daughter, Autumn-Rose, who would turn out to be vision-impaired at birth.

Every year, Paul makes a movie poster to commemorate the anniversary of Armand’s diagnosis and his triumph over cancer. This year, Paul made a video instead, in the style of a G.I. Joe character profile. Paul included Autumn-Rose in the video—and also brought along the cartoon‘s original voice actors Bill Ratner (“Flint”) and Mary McDonald-Lewis (“Lady Jaye”) to narrate. It’s a touching testament to a family’s love, two children’s strength in the face of adversity, and the need to stay ever vigilant against the threat of COBRA.


(Via Topless Robot)