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Should G.I. Joe 2’s recent recruiting of Dwayne “King Shit Of Splash Mountain” Johnson as Roadblock not be enough to convince you it’s vying to be different from its predecessor, consider this: Wu-Tang sensei RZA is also negotiating to join the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In keeping with his kung-fu obsession, RZA will play the martial-arts expert Blind Master, who trained past Joe commandoes such as Snake Eyes and Jinx in the ancient art of protecting their neck. The character appeared only once in the comics, and was mentioned a single time but never seen in the cartoon, making him an odd choice for inclusion. However, he will be played by RZA, therefore so fucking what. Also joining the cast of the Jon Chu-directed film: D.J. Cotrona (the actor, not the DJ) will play Flint, the G.I. Joe character who convinced many a young boy that berets make you look kind of badass and elite, but they don’t, really.


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