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FXX wants to see where this is going, renews Man Seeking Woman for a third season

Having already swiped right to pick up the show and met for coffee to discuss a second season, FXX is feeling pretty optimistic about the thing it’s got going with Man Seeking Woman, so the network has renewed the show for a third season. FXX blurted out the news via press release in lieu of a modified relationship status, and is probably doodling series creator Simon Rich and series lead Jay Baruchel’s names all over its iPad case. Sure, protagonist Josh Greenberg (Baruchel) has had a wandering eye and sex with a car, but now that he’s gotten that out of his system, FXX thinks he’s ready to commit to appearing in another season of the surreal comedy. The multi-episode arc in season two that pitted best pals Josh and Mike (Eric André) against each other was resolved with a halfhearted kaiju battle that left both guys single, so we can probably looking forward to seeing them hit on Divvy bikes in season three.


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