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FXX’s Simpsons marathon was watched by 25 million people

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Even as new seasons of The Simpsons continue to hit new ratings lows—and become increasingly dependent on crossover episodes to bring in viewers—FXX’s “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon proved incredibly fruitful for the cable network. The first day of the marathon nabbed the best ratings in FXX’s brief history, and, according to The Wrap, the marathon would go on to pull in 1.32 million viewers during primetime—a whopping 542 percent increase over its average, with a 658 percent increase in its 18-49 demographic. With nearly 25 million viewers tuning in for the marathon across its 12 days, FXX proved that its gambit had paid off. And with the recent announcement that it will just keep showing The Simpsons over and over again, it’s putting its faith in the idea that its ratings—much like the quality of The Simpsons—will never, ever dip.


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