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FXX renews You’re The Worst for a fourth season

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We might not know when we’ll get another Sunday Funday, but FXX has just laid to rest any concerns about getting more painted pottery and tough-love therapists: The network’s just renewed You’re The Worst for a fourth season. Just like Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship has deepened beyond their wildest expectations—or rather, their wildest protestations—so too has FXX decided it has a great thing going with Stephen Falk’s comedy. Despite being in the midst of wrapping post-production on season three, the executive producer chimed in on FXX’s press release to discuss exhaustion, inspiration, and gratitude.

It is a daily thrill to have You’re the Worst in the same network family as Archer, Fargo, American Crime Story, The Americans, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Better Things, Louie, etc., and while I am currently deep in Post on Season 3 and so, so tired, you guys, I am overjoyed. That FX mysteriously manages to have a crystalline brand identity with such a wide variety of shows is a testament to the extreme talents of John, Eric, Nick, Chuck, John, Nick, Matt, Nicole, Kevin, Kate, Jonathan, Barbara, Stephanie and everyone else. I realize I don’t need to kiss their asses because they’ve already picked up the next season, but it is heartfelt.


You’re The Worst returned for season three on August 31, and had a strong showing in the ratings. Tonight’s all-new episode is an Edgar-centric one, so stay tuned for TV Club coverage (and maybe something more).

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