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There have been tons of important moments in TV history (the Red Wedding, Bobby Ewing stepping out of the shower, the premiere of The Flash on The CW, etc.), but perhaps none have ever been quite as impactful as FXX’s Every Simpsons Ever marathon that aired for 12 days in the summer of 2014. It was like a cultural event that brought everyone in the world together—assuming FXX was included in their cable package—with 25 million viewers tuning in and the very first day giving the network its best ratings ever. The idea of airing all 552 episodes back to back was so unexpected and outlandish that people simply had no choice but to check it out and be a part of the Every Simpsons Ever experience.

And now, FXX has just announced that it’s doing it again. Starting on November 24 and going until December 6, FXX will air yet another Every Simpsons Ever marathon. This one will be even longer, though, since Fox has continued making new episodes since the last marathon ended. Every Simpsons Ever will run for a staggering 600 episodes this time, with each one airing in chronological order over the course of the 13-day event.


Also, in case the tone of this story feels a little grandiose, FX Networks’ Chuck Saftler said in a press release that the first marathon was “truly so special and landmark in its cultural relevance and impact” that The Simpsons accomplishing the “unprecedented feat” of getting to 600 episodes deserves “something of that caliber to mark it and celebrate it.” He also says this second marathon is “an act of true fandom” and a way of honoring all of the people who have kept The Simpsons “at the pinnacle of artistic excellence these past 27+ seasons.” So yeah, grandiose seems like the proper tone here.

Once again, just so you can free up your schedule, the new Ever Simpsons Ever marathon will kick off at noon on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day) and run until December 6.

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