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FXX cancels Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell

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FX’s decision to split in three has claimed its first victim, as Defamer reports that Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell’s time on FXX has come to an end. The survivor in the FX late-night cagematch of 2012 (Brand X With Russell Brand: Never forget), Totally Biased was one of the flagships of the great FXX migration, a move that spread the talk show’s satirical POV across four nights. Four, lonely, windswept nights where reruns of network sitcoms and the 20th Century Fox movie library were all the show had to keep it company. When Bell and crew had a slate of original programming to follow, the show performed modestly; viewership reached the triple digits only when the show followed fellow expatriates It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League. According to Deadline, however, the audience for the expanded Totally Biased was as low as 12,000 viewers in late October—an audience that was necessarily limited by the fact that FXX is available in 26 million fewer households than its parent network.

The final new episode of Totally Biased is scheduled to air tomorrow, Nov. 14, following disc 2 of the How I Met Your Mother season-one DVD set. (The requisite Sunday “mixtape” episode will officially round out the show’s run.) A brief bumper during FX’s encore presentation of X-Men: First Class will alert viewers that they can see Bell interview fellow comedic agitator Jim Norton on a different network that may or may not be a few channels up the dial.

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