Jason Patric became known almost as much for the projects he didn’t do, as he followed up his Lost Boys breakout by choosing unusual films like After Dark, My Sweet and Rush, then—Speed 2 and The Alamo aside—working only sporadically on smaller films like Narc. And while his last comic-book project, last year’s The Losers, wasn’t exactly well-received, Patric reportedly will experiment with genre fare again on FX’s Powers, signing on to star in the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ eponymous comic series (and taking over a role that Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler unfortunately passed on). Patric will join British actress Lucy Punch as a detective team tasked with investigating cases involving superpowers—and yes, Powers is one of the seemingly dozens of “procedurals set in a world where supernatural things are real” pitched last pilot season. But the source material is strong, the creative team involves both Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, and the pilot will be scripted by Dark Angel and The Walking Dead writer Charles Eglee and directed by Justified’s Michael Dinner, so there’s reason to be cautiously optimistic. And for the notoriously picky Patric to be on board, he must have seen something in it.