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It’s been a while since FX responded to Pose’s strong first season with a quick order for a second season, but now the network is finally ready to announce when the groundbreaking series will make its dramatic return. As revealed today in a press release, the second season of Pose will premiere on Sunday, June 9, with the statement from FX mentioning that the new season will jump ahead a bit to the ‘90s after New York’s ball culture has established itself in the mainstream. It sounds like the second season will also have a larger focus on the worsening AIDS crisis and some kind of drama from “a group of activists,” alongside—presumably—the continued rise of, you know, the Trumpy stuff that was happening in New York at the time.


The series (which famously features the largest recurring cast of LGBTQ actors ever assembled for a scripted show) was co-created by former FX wizard Ryan Murphy, along with Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals. Murphy and Falchuk have since moved on to the far more lucrative pastures of Netflix.

UPDATE: The premiere date has since been moved to Tuesday, June 11, according to a press release from FX.

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