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FX's 1980s Soviet spy drama The Americans is a go

While the GOP's quest to return America to the era of Ronald Reagan remains up to the general election, FX is doing its part by picking up 13 episodes of The Americans, a period drama series set during the old-fashioned, 1980s comforts of the Cold War. As previously reported, the show from Falling Skies' Joe Weisberg and Justified's Graham Yost concerns two KGB spies—played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys—posing as an ordinary suburban couple, whose secret identities aren't even known to their kids. Each week follows the darkly comic foibles of their trying to bring down the U.S. from the inside while also dealing with a fake marriage that grows increasingly real—a dynamic complicated by the various other spies, both foreign and domestic, they have encounters with, as well as Rhys' increasing love of America, which has all the hamburgers, acid-washed jeans, and Journey albums a man could ever want. It should similarly make us realize how much we used to love those kooky Soviets, back when things were a lot more black and white and red. Come back, KGB. All is forgiven.


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