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Photo: Prashant Gupta (FX Networks)

Just a few weeks after series co-creator Kurt Sutter was fired from the FX show for—as he put it in a letter to colleagues—[ruffling] a few mouse ears” (a subtle reference to the network’s new corporate masters at Disney), Mayans M.C. has been renewed for a third season. The series is a spin-off of Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy, focusing on a new eponymous motorcycle gang, and this renewal seems to suggest that it could easily become as long-running as its parent show was. This news comes from a press release, which naturally doesn’t mention Sutter much, but it does say that Mayans’ other co-creator Elgin James will succeed him as the new showrunner. Sutter had previously indicated that he wanted to hand the show over to James if it got a third season, and seeing as how he’s already been fired, that’s now happening anyway.


The press release says that Mayans M.C. was “cable’s most-watched new series” in 2018 for adults 18-49, and its second season—which ends tomorrow night—has held on solidly in that same demographic (it’s currently ranked as the sixth most-watched cable show, but that involves tougher competition than just the new shows of the 2018 season).

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