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Proving that, as guys have known for years, remaining distant only makes women and TV networks want you more, Louis C.K. has taken time out of his self-imposed Louie hiatus to sign a new overall deal with FX. The comedian and his Pig Newton production company will develop new series for the network, with C.K. earning an executive producer credit on anything that makes it to air, and with the further options to write or direct, or have anyone make him a sandwich at any time, on any kind of bread, even that rustic sourdough that’s hard to find sometimes. Most likely this means that C.K.—while continuing to concentrate on Louie’s return in May and any possible, as-yet-confirmed seasons beyond—will be using his deal to develop shows with talent he likes, with FX’s John Landgraf saying in the announcement that he “can’t wait to see who he brings through the door,” thus setting him up for one of those classic sitcom reveals, where Louis C.K. walks in with a Hell’s Angel. (Note to Louis C.K.: This idea is available for development.)


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