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FX turning The Last Of The Mohicans into a TV series

Illustration for article titled FX turning emThe Last Of The Mohicans/em into a TV series

In keeping with its bid to reexamine the most formative years of American history—specifically, the mid-1990s—FX is adding to its high-profile Fargo series an adaptation of The Last Of The Mohicans, most famously realized as a 1992 Michael Mann movie where Daniel Day-Lewis defends the American frontier with his bare chest, and finds frontier ladies no matter the as-yet-unspecified occurrences. While the co-writer of that film, Chris Crowe, is once again on board this project, the aim is to hew more closely to James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel, telling the story of America’s early beginnings before we stopped cutting each other’s hearts out and were able to just chill and watch TV. It joins other historical shows in the works at FX like Conquistadors, Mayflower, and the Vietnam drama They Marched Into Sunlight. Like these, Last Of The Mohicans will be a limited series, owing to the limited number of Mohicans, obviously.


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