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AMC renewed its dark, weird comic book adaptation Preacher for a fourth season a few months ago, but now series co-creator Seth Rogen has announced that the fourth season will also be Preacher’s last—bringing an end to the wild adventures of Dominic Cooper’s Jesse, Ruth Negga’s Tulip, and Joseph Gilgun’s Cassidy (not to mention the ridiculous friends/enemies they’ve made along the way). Rogen also announced that the 10-episode final season of Preacher will premiere on August 4.


The fact that this announcement is being made now, after the season was announced but before it has premiered, implies that the fourth season is being made with a specific end point in mind. Up through this point, AMC’s show has used the original Preacher comic as a relatively loose inspiration, so the end of the show won’t necessarily mirror the end of the comic, but there will probably be some similarities. Either way, we’ll know this summer.

[via The Wrap]

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