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FX to give Peep Show a try with gender-swapped remake

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In 2003, British TV network Channel 4 aired the first episode of Peep Show, a sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb that would go on to become a cult-hit—partially thanks to the stylistic hook of showing the events of the series directly from the point-of-view of one of its main characters. A couple years later, Fox tried to make an American remake with pre-Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki, then the dearly departed Spike network tried to make its own remake (for men!) in 2008, and then Starz tried to step in and do a premium cable remake in 2016 (before the election, when we were all so much happier).


Now it’s FX’s turn to try failing at a Peep Show remake, with Deadline reporting that Portlandia and Superstore writer Karey Dornetto is writing a gender-swapped remake. That news actually comes from Peep Show co-creator Sam Bain, and he casually dropped it in a Guardian essay about the need for more diversity in comedy, saying that “the best way of building gender inclusivity into scripts is to get women to write them,” and adding, “I can’t wait to find out what sick and twisted bullshit goes on inside the minds of a pair of female losers.”

Deadline doesn’t have any other information about this, since this didn’t come out in a traditional announcement, but it sounds like it’s pretty early if we’re only at the script stage anyway.

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