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Big news for Big Pig Blood this week, as Variety reports that a TV version of Stephen King’s Carrie has gone into the works at FX. The show is being described as a limited series adapting King’s first break-out novel, famously adapted by Brian De Palma for the screen in 1976, and way less famously by Chloe Grace Moretz and director Kimberly Pierce in 2013.

There’s no word yet on who’s serving as the creative drive behind the Carrie show, even as the world of TV gets increasingly comfortable with following film into the King adaptation game. This particular story—tortured girl gets psychic powers, rocks fall, everybody dies—doesn’t seem to have a ton of room for expansion, but we’ll presumably spend more time with both the title character herself, as well as her religion-maddened mother, Margaret, played to such “Dirty Pillows!”-shouting perfection by Piper Laurie in De Palma’s film.


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