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The Americans

Ensuring that fans don’t have to wait much longer for the mix of domestic foibles and nail-biting espionage action that keeps them feeling awake and alive, FX has set a premiere date for the fourth season of its hit thriller The Americans. The series—which stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as KGB agents masquerading as distractingly photogenic American citizens—will return to the cable network on March 16.

The show’s third season left off on all the requisite end-of-season cliffhangers, with beleaguered parents Philip and Elisabeth soon to be forced to wrestle with the question of what level of grounding is appropriate when your daughter outs you to her pastor as a Soviet spy. They’ll also have to contend with the renewed attentions of next-door neighbor Stan (Noah Emmerich), who’s always popping over, Kramer-like, to borrow their lawnmower, or discover their true allegiances and have them executed as spies.


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