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After apparently deciding that, no, American Horror Story wasn’t close enough, FX has ordered its first female-fronted comedy series from Louie writer/producer/co-star Pamela Adlon. Called Better Things, the plot of the show is similar to Louie, but from a woman’s point of view; Adlon, a working actress raising three daughters, stars as Sam, a working actress raising three daughters. The Hollywood Reporter says Sam is “trying to earn a living, navigate her three daughters’ lives, having fun with a friend or two, and also — just maybe — squeezing in some sex once in a while.”


Louis C.K. and Adlon will co-write the pilot, and C.K. is set to direct, so the sensibility will likely be similar to that of Louie as well. Adlon and C.K. have been working together since she co-starred on his HBO show Lucky Louie, and their collaborations have enjoyed quite a bit of success, including a WGA award and two Emmy nominations. No premiere date has been set for Better Things, but in the meantime Louie will return for its fifth season on FX on Thursday, April 9 at 10:30 PM.

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