FX will send Wilfred to live with its sister network FXX, where it can romp and play with its friends The League and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia all day long, and never again worry about being penned in by unflattering comparisons to shows like Louie. Also, as with all such niceties involving dogs, this is just a euphemism for the fact that FX is killing Wilfred, putting the show down after its upcoming fourth and final season and years of declining ratings. With the third season wrapping with a mere 440,000 viewers (compared to the 2.55 million viewers that tuned in for its series premiere), it’s safe to say that—like so many dog owners—FX has started to wonder whether it’s even humane to keep its pet alive when it’s looking so tired and ragged and shitting everywhere. So, like one last walk in the park and maybe a bit of hamburger, it will give Wilfred these last 10 episodes to wrap things up on FXX, then it’s off to the great “sister network” in the ground.