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FX renews Wilfred, Louie, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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It's FX day at the Television Critics Association press tour, which means it's once again time for the great TV reporters of America to fawn over John Landgraf, who's really, really nice to us and always makes sure we get our screeners and very often puts good shows on TV, to boot. The big piece of actual news out of Landgraf's executive session was that the network has picked up Wilfred and Louie for a second and third season, respectively, with both likely returning in summer 2012. The network also picked up It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for two more seasons, which would bring it to nine years and make it the longest running live-action comedy in cable history, pushing it past Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage (both at eight seasons presently). FX also signed a new development deal with RCG, the production company behind the show, so that would suggest a new series will come from the Sunny creators sometime in the near future. FX's big comedy initiative of a few years back would seem to be a success, then, as Archer and Louie have both posted big ratings gains over last season this year, while Wilfred has had the biggest debut season for a comedy in the network's history. It's Always Sunny returns Sept. 15, airing with three new Archer episodes. The League returns Oct. 6.


Other news out of the FX session:

  • The new Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk show American Horror Story, already much debated among us critic types, debuts Oct. 5, while Sons Of Anarchy begins its fourth season Sept. 6.
  • Work on Powers and Outlaw Country continues apace, with the network expected to make a call on whether it will pick up either show (or both of them) in the next two or three months.
  • American Horror Story, which seems tailor-made to run as a miniseries, will instead be able to run several seasons, though the cast may substantially change between seasons, Landgraf said. Some actors will remain constant, as will the series' setting, a possibly haunted house. Landgraf even hinted some seasons might take place in the past, which suggests Murphy and Falchuk have serious Lost envy.

TCA press tour finishes up over the next two days, as ABC presents an endless lineup of shows about men feeling emasculated because the world won't let them do whatever the shit they want anymore.

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