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After six years of love, friendship, and fantasy football—well, sort of—FX’s The League is getting ready for one last run down the dragon and wizard-filled field. That’s what fantasy football is about, right? This comes from Deadline, which reports that the series has just been renewed for a seventh and final season. Despite moving to FXX—a network that nobody in the world can ever remember how to find—season six’s ratings were pretty similar to season five, so we’re not sure why FX is deciding to retire The League now. Maybe it realized how much easier it will be to just air more and more episodes of The Simpsons.


Whatever the reason, The League will officially be wrapping up soon, and co-creator Jeff Schaffer has already planned out how the final episode will end: “with credits and the theme song.” Sounds like it will be pretty touching. Also, maybe this means Jason Mantzoukas’ Rafi can now get his own spinoff—even though that would probably be terrible.

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