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FX renews Louie and Fargo

Louis C.K. (FX)

FX CEO John Landgraf announced new seasons for Louie and Fargo today at the Television Critics Association summer press tour—season five for Louis C.K.’s award-winning comedy and season two of the critically acclaimed anthology miniseries. There’s little information available for both—like, for example, what kind of story Fargo will choose to tell next season. Landgraf did confirm that it would be new characters (with new actors) and a new storyline.

The big news here is that Louie is coming back without a yearlong break between seasons, as we got between seasons three and four. Season five comes back in spring 2015. No word on whether or not it will return with theme music (but I hope so, anyway).


More from FX’s TCA panel to come later today.

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