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FX renews American Horror Story for fourth season

Certain there are at least a few remaining horror tropes that can be filtered through a psychosexual haze, deliciously bitchy dialogue, and a fisheye lens, FX has ordered a fourth season of its anthology series American Horror Story. As with every year, not much is known about what the next chapter will entail, besides it starring Jessica Lange—though even that will soon no longer be a certainty, seeing as Lange has said she’d like to be free of being around deliriously crazy shit after the end of her contractually obligated fourth season. Still, Ryan Murphy insists that Lange says this every year, and he believes she’ll stick around a long time after her next AHS role as “a Marlene Dietrich figure”—suggesting this next season is all about Murphy trapping Lange in a cabaret, where she will forever perform for him, only for him.


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