Tony Scott may have some competition when it comes to exploring the tension-filled workdays and booze-and-homoerotic-camaraderie-filled nights of our modern drone pilots: FX could beat Top Gun 2 to the punch with Drones, a series about the men and women who live in the middle of Nevada but, through the magic of technology, bomb the hell out of the Middle East. Naturally, it’s a comedy. Of course, while some may balk at mining laughs out of people whose job it is to kill people in faraway cities from the comfort of their suburban homes, handled with the right shade of mordant observation, it might garner only several thousand protests. Not that it couldn’t also be funny in a sardonic, occasionally bleak, M*A*S*H sort of way. Anyway, the project comes from novelist Chad Kultgen and the production company headed by brooding Heroes star Milo Ventigmilia, Pissy Face Productions. No, just kidding, it’s probably called something else.