The days when Louis C.K. was the disgraced director of Pootie Tang and Zach Galifianakis some weirdo who played piano and murmured non sequiturs seem like a lifetime ago. Now that they’ve collectively won a bunch of Emmys, interviewed the president, appeared in a Woody Allen movie, and inspired a bunch of souvenir T-shirts in Las Vegas, these guys can do pretty much anything they want. And what they want is Baskets.

FX has ordered 10 episodes of Baskets, co-created by C.K., Galifianakis, and Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’s Jonathan Krisel, which first surfaced in the form of an unnamed pilot FX picked up back in January. Galifianakis stars as Chip Baskets, a man who leaves the corporate rat race behind in order to pursue his love of clowning. He enrolls at the most prestigious clowning school in Paris, only to flunk out in hilarious, but not-quite-the-type-of-hilarious-they-had-in-mind fashion. Brokenhearted, Baskets takes the only clown job he can find—at a local rodeo. Production on Baskets will begin next year, with an anticipated premiere date some time in early 2016.