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According to Deadline, FX has ordered a pilot for Platform, a new anthology series written, directed, and executive produced by B.J. Novak, the guy who didn’t know how to use the microwave on The Office (apparently he’s some kind of big-shot now). Interestingly, though, Deadline says the plan isn’t just to do a normal pilot, but two separate episodes that will reflect the varying tone that Novak envisions for Platform. The first of those two episodes will reportedly be “more dramatic,” featuring Lucas Hedges, Jon Bernthal, Kaitlyn Dever, Boyd Holbrook, O’Shea Jackson Jr., George Wallace, and Ed Asner, with the second episode being “more comedic” with “a small animation element,” though cast details about that one haven’t been announced.


The overall theme of Platform sounds fairly vague, with the story simply saying that it’s about “the boldest issues of our times” and that it will tell “singular, character-driven stories about the world we live in today.” So yeah, not super grabby in the way that it would be if each episode were about, like, a famous murder or whatever, but FX seems to have some faith in it

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