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FX orders oil dynasty drama from Danny Boyle

(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Americans love oil, whether we’re using it to lubricate our car engines, to fry our food, or to justify our military operations, but our favorite thing about oil is when somebody makes a TV show about people who got rich off of the stuff. There was Dallas, Dynasty, Blood & Oil, and maybe even others that we can’t think of, but now Danny Boyle is getting into the oil game with Trust, a “limited-series drama” about the legendary Getty oil dynasty. That’s from Variety, and it sounds like Trust will specifically focus on John Paul Getty III, the heir to the Getty empire who was kidnapped in Rome when he was a teenager. His famously warm-hearted grandfather responded to the kidnapping by refusing to pay a $17 million ransom even after he received an ear in the mail, and he eventually negotiated the criminals down to $2.2 million. In other words, it sounds like some classic family fun.

Interestingly (maybe?), John Paul Getty III was the brother of Mark Getty, co-founder of Getty Images. Hopefully that means there’ll be a scene in Trust where Mark Getty takes a picture and then asks everyone to license it properly before using it anywhere. It’ll be funnier than the miserly grandfather, at least.


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