FX announced it has ordered production on a pilot for Snowfall, director John Singletonā€™s hour-long drama about the crack-cocaine epidemic and its effects on Los Angeles in the early ā€™80s. Singleton will shoot the pilot, which he co-wrote with screenwriter Eric Amadio, with production beginning in the summer.

Snowfall will incorporate some of the same material as last yearā€™s Jeremy Renner film Kill The Messenger, in which Renner played the real-life journalist who discovered evidence of a CIA plot to import crack into the U.S. Hopefully it will have more success than that film, which debuted to mixed reviews and failed to recoup its paltry $5 million budget. It certainly helps that Snowfall features a Mexican wrestler among its trio of central characters. The wrestler, Gustavo Zapata, will transform himself into a gangsterā€”all while hopefully continuing to wear the same flamboyant costumesā€”and will collide with Franklin Saint, ā€œa young street entrepreneur on a quest for power,ā€ and Logan Miller, ā€œa prominent familyā€™s ā€˜black sheepā€™ desperate to escape his fatherā€™s shadow.ā€


The drama was originally set to bow on Showtime, but FX arguably needs it more, with the rapid-fire conclusions of Sons Of Anarchy and Justified leaving holes in its drama slate. If ordered to series, Snowfall will join The Americans as the networkā€™s second 1980s period drama. Given its characters and setting, Fleetwood Macā€™s ā€œTuskā€ probably wonā€™t make it into this one.