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FX Networks has canceled the FX animated comedy Chozen and the FXX comedy Legit after their first and second seasons respectively. The network announced it in an e-mail to press. Created by Grant Dekernion, Chozen hailed from Adam Reed and Matt Thompson’s Floyd County productions and boasted Danny McBride as both a producer and a member of the voice cast, but it was never able to hold on to enough of the viewers from its lead-in, Archer, to suggest it would break out and become its own thing. Set in the hip-hop world, Chozen was greeted with mostly negative reviews, and its finale was watched by only 450,000 viewers on its initial broadcast.


Legit, created by the Australian comedian Jim Jefferies and Peter O’Fallon, was a surprise pick-up for its second season, having struggled to find an audience in its first. But the series—which was a bunch of loosely autobiographical stories from Jefferies’ life dramatized and heightened for television—was picked up to become part of the new network FXX. Its cheap production method also suggested it might run for a while on FXX if it could pull in even a modestly loyal audience. Instead, FXX has struggled hugely to make an impact on the scene, and its parent network has been busily porting many series that were originally announced for FXX (like Chozen) back to the mothership. That left Legit to languish alone, and its second season premiere attracted only 300,000 viewers. It’s too bad, because the second season was a largely enjoyable season of television, but that’s what happens when your already low-rated show is moved to a network nobody knows how to find on their cable guides.

FX will take its next stab at comedy with Married and Youre The Worst this summer.

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