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FX might try cramming Fargo into the TV woodchipper again

As you are not a true TV network unless you have a series adaptation of a movie in development, and will face the smug condescension of all the other TV networks at parties and not receive your official TV network varsity jacket, FX has begun early talks with MGM about adapting the Coen Bros.’ Fargo to the small screen, which is where all the movies go these days. Variety cautions that these talks are merely preliminary and definitely not a guarantee that a TV series set in the wintry world of the blackly comic crime thriller will happen—a wise, cautiously pessimistic stance, considering that there was already an attempt to make a Fargo TV series, it had Edie Falco taking over Frances McDormand’s role, and it never made it past the pilot stage. (Though it lives on in YouTube videos like the one below.) Given FX’s strong original series slate so far, it’s more than earned the benefit of the doubt, even when it comes to considering an idea based solely on MGM’s ongoing fire sale of everything in its library. But trying to stretch the film’s singular charms into a weekly series could also be its riskiest move yet, with every chance that it could turn into, essentially, Funny Accent Cop. Wait, never mind. We would watch Funny Accent Cop.

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