Drunk with power over its increasing success with original programming, FX is considering going the route of all growing empires—extending itself into other domains by splitting into two separate networks. News of the possible doubling down first arose in reports on Broadcasting & Cable and in the L.A. Times, which noted that Fox is considering transforming its Fox Soccer channel into another entertainment destination, now that Fox Soccer has lost the rights to the English Premiere League, and America’s love affair with soccer is threatening to end approximately 30 years ago. The new FX spin-off is tentatively titled FXX, owing to its proposed skewing toward the younger, “millennial” demographic, who flock to the letter X and its promise of X-treme entertainXment, like young, seXXy moths to an edgy, neon flame. In the shape of an X.

Though it’s still just in the theoretical planning stages, FXX would focus on the network’s comedies like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League, leaving the old people to enjoy their dramas such as Justified and Sons Of Anarchy on the original FX, probably while simultaneously listening to Norah Jones and falling asleep on their spouses. As HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall points out, shows like Louie that toe the line between comedy and chronicling the relatable, eternally depressing existence of the aged could be difficult to place, but mostly it’s easy to see FXX becoming a haven for series like Anger Management, whose bottomless arsenal of episodes could easily make up this new network’s programming for years to come.

Anyway, a final decision likely won’t be made for a little while, given all the deals that have to be worked out. So enjoy this brief moment in time when millennials and old people are allowed to share the same basic cable space.