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Y: The Last Man

After years of trying, Hollywood finally threw in the towel last year and stopped trying to make a movie version of Y: The Last Man. Brian K. Vaughan’s epic 60-issue series recounts the adventures of Yorick Brown, his pet monkey Ampersand, and all the ladies on Earth who want a piece of him because he is—spoiler alert—the last man, after a mysterious plague kills everything with a Y chromosome except for him. After the rights were returned to Vaughan following New Line dropping the ball on the films, it was unclear if anything would ever happen with it, given the creator had left television and was concentrating on comics once more.

But much like astronauts returning to Earth from the International Space Station, Y: The Last Man has returned to the world of filmed adaptations. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sci-fi comic is being developed into a series for cable channel FX. Along with producers Nina Jacobsen and Brad Simpson, the network is looking for a writer to develop the show with Vaughan. It seems a series is a better fit, as the earlier film plans collapsed as a result of the studio wanting to not make more than one film of the story. Now, Vaughan will have the time to tell as many stories about insane women hunting down his sarcastic hero as he needs. Hell, Y: The Last Man might single-handedly tip the scales of the profound gender gap on television, given the nonstop cast of women that will soon be employed by this show.


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