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FX is making Texts From Bennett into a TV show

Continuing to have faith in the Internet, and the endless possibilities it affords for the shit that dads and others say, FX has added a TV adaptation of the popular Tumblr Texts From Bennett to its development slate. For those unfamiliar, the site is the creation of Kansas City-based rapper Mac Lethal, featuring screenshots of texts he purportedly receives from his 17-year old cousin, Bennett, a “white boy that thinks he is a Crip” and wields his iPhone like a straight gangsta. Lethal adapted his blog into a novel that was released in September, and that book will now form the basis of FX’s half-hour comedy, which will find Bennett and his “pill-popping mom” moving into Lethal’s home with him and “his WASPy girlfriend,” where co-opted culture clashes will ensue. Adapting the series is Wilfred producer Randall Einhorn—fitting, perhaps, given that Lethal has repeatedly had to fight the assertion that Bennett doesn’t actually exist.


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