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While American Psycho already had a perfectly good sequel in American Psycho 2: All-American Girl—in which Mila Kunis portrayed a young girl who killed, then emulated sociopathic serial killer Patrick Bateman, and America portrayed a country who didn’t give a shit—FX is moving forward with another sequel anyway. The network that never met a show with “America” in the title it didn’t like is developing an American Psycho TV series, one that, like the rest of us, ignores the continuity of American Psycho 2, and picks up with Bateman in his mid-50s. Though his skin may be less supple, he remains “as outrageous and lethal as ever” as he trains a new protégé in the art of killing people who annoy you. Should American Psycho go to series, it will join the recent rash of serial killer shows angling to replace Dexter, as well as shows based on established horror properties like Bates Motel, Hannibal, and even The Exorcist. And hopefully it will have a scene where the younger, “next generation American Psycho” prefaces a grisly murder with a lecture on the artistic merits of the Black Eyed Peas.


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