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After two seasons of reasonably happy matrimony, FX and its comedy series Married have decided to file for a divorce. Or, to put it in TV terms, Married has been canceled. That comes from Deadline, which says the ratings for Married’s recent season finale (now series finale) were the worst of any other FX show this year. We’re sure FX and Married don’t blame you, though, TV viewer. This is all about problems between the two of them, and it has nothing to do with you or your siblings. Also, this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting two Christmases, because Married no longer exists and therefore can’t celebrate holidays. FX might play the movie Four Christmases later this year, though, so that’s something.

Married starred Nat Faxon and Judy Greer as a Married couple dealing with all of the drama that real-life Married people deal with, except they were on TV so it was funnier. Luckily for Greer, she has claimed a successful niche in Hollywood, so she’ll be fine. As for Faxon, maybe he can start pushing Fox to develop a revival of Ben And Kate?


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