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FX developing its own 1980s Soviet spy drama

While HBO seems to have forgotten about its possible 1980s Soviet spy series Reds under the clutter of its book adaptation pile, FX has snuck in and begun developing its own show about the Reagan-era Cold War, when our “Evil Empire” enemies were more easily defined and had a way better sense of aesthetics. FX has given a green light to The Americans, a drama with darkly comic undertones about two KGB spies posing as a Washington D.C. suburban couple, their increasingly genuine arranged marriage and their mission to gather crippling intelligence about the U.S. perpetually complicated by their clueless kids and a growing affinity for the American way of life, with all its copious denim, hamburgers, and arena rock. Fittingly, the series is created by Falling Skies’ Josh Weisberg—a former CIA Agent—and executive-produced by Justified’s Graham Yost, two guys who know a thing or two about espionage, invasions, and copious denim. The KGB has already issued a preemptive blanket denial of everything, including the myth that the KGB still exists or that it ever issued this statement.


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