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FX developing comedy for Jen Kirkman

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Some celebrities are blessed with such a unique, memorable moniker, and such widespread familiarity from an adoring public that we know them by simply a first name: Oprah. Prince. Conan. Ringo. Well, another singular name has landed on that esteemed list: Jen. No, not Jennifer Aniston. Or Jennifer Garner. Or Lopez. Or Lawrence. Or Hudson. Or Grey. Or Lewis. Or Convertible. Or the girl from My Life As a Teenage Robot. Or the subject of "867-5309." Or any of the fifty Jens, Jennifers, Jennas, and Jennys in your high school graduating class. No, soon the most popular girls' name of the 1970s will be associated with one person alone—the most obvious person, really: Chelsea Lately writer and supporting player Jen Kirkman.

Kirkman, with the help of boss Chelsea Handler, is writing and starring in a half-hour comedy for FX entitled Jen, one of those single-named shows like Newhart or Seinfeld, where the star is so ubiquitous, no further explanation is needed. There's also another FX comedy like that. Like those programs, it will be a half-hour comedy; unlike them, it centers on a thirtysomething recent divorceé, "who doesn't want kids and once always did things the way you were supposed to but is now following her gut," according to the show's punctuation-averse publicist.

Kirkman also starred in After Lately, a spoof of After Oprah and similar wrap-up shows. She's also working on a follow-up to her bestseller, I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself.