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FX announces premiere dates for Baskets, Legion, and Snowfall

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In a press release today, FX announced the premiere dates for new seasons of three of its biggest original shows, specifically comedy series Baskets, X-Man adjacent superhero show Legion, and Snowfall (which is co-created by John Singleton, who just died this week). The press release also included brief teases of what to expect from each show, with Baskets set for “big changes” as one of Zach Galifianakis’ characters is set to finally move out of his mom’s place. Knowing Baskets, it’ll be more entertaining than that may imply. Baskets will premiere on June 13.

Cocaine drama Snowfall meanwhile is moving out to the summer of 1984, with drugs taking Los Angeles by storm and the police struggling to keep it under control—all while the CIA continues to use cocaine money to fight communism. Hey, America kind of sucks sometimes, huh? Anyway, Snowfall returns on July 10.

As for Legion, this will be the show’s final season, and creator Noah Hawley is finally pulling out the big gun everybody’s been waiting for by introducing David Haller’s famous comic book dad—Charles “Professor X” Xavier. Legion premieres on June 24.

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