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FX announces January return dates for Justified, Archer

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With the season finale of Sons Of Anarchy coming next week, the season finale of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia airing Dec. 15, and the season finale of American Horror Story arriving Dec. 21 (just in time for you to baffle your parents by showing it to them for Christmas!), you'd be forgiven for thinking FX might take a little while off from its original series. Instead, the network's bringing back even more of its original shows in mid-January, including critical favorites Justified and Archer, which return Tues., Jan. 17, and Thurs., Jan. 19, respectively. Both will air at 10 PM ET.

After season two of Justified ended with Boyd and Raylan seemingly on the verge of conflict, teaser ads for the third season suggest the two will be tracking each other down, at least to start out the season. All of that may end up going out the window, however, when the two run into a Detroit underworld kingpin played by Neal McDonagh, who's attempting to expand his operations into Harlan. Mykleti Williamson will also star as a man named Limehouse, who'll stop at nothing to defend his home. We've also been promised Carla Gugino as a woman Raylan has a complicated history with. We can only assume this means sexy times.

What the hell, here's a couple of teasers:

The FX press release contains only the usual boilerplate about Archer (goofy spies, work at ISIS, etc.), but we're sure the season will follow up on some of the fallout from the "Heart Of Archness" three-parter. Or not. Archer will be followed by the new animated comedy Unsupervised, from three It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia producers. The series, featuring a voice cast that boasts the likes of Justin Long and Kristen Bell, is about a couple of young guys trying to navigate being teenagers with very little adult supervision. Unsupervised also debuts Jan. 19, and will air at 10:30 PM ET, after Archer.

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