Before Sacha Baron Cohen was responsible for that guy in your office who still says, “Niiiice,” he was responsible for that British guy in a British office who still says, “Booyakasha.” Now a younger generation will be sent forth to infect the nation’s workplaces, as FXX has just signed a deal to revive Cohen’s Ali G character beginning in early 2014, according to a network press release. Compiled under the title Ali G: Rezurection, the FXX package includes every episode of Da Ali G Show—including the six that didn’t air on HBO during its mid-’00s run—as well as The Best Of Ali G and all of Cohen’s appearances on Channel 4’s The 11 O’Clock Show, where the character originated. All of these will air with new, original introductions from Cohen as part of his first-look deal with the network, which could lead to even more Ali G, Borat, Bruno—or even some completely different, yet equally oblivious character—to come. Anyway, if this is your first introduction to Ali G, just try to enjoy it without imitating it, please. Our world is violent enough.