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Illustration for article titled emFuturama/ems series finale to be legitimized with Chris Hardwick-hosted after-show

As no TV event can truly be said to have happened unless Chris Hardwick is there to talk about it, the series finale of Futurama will be legitimized with a pre- and post-show discussion hosted by Hardwick on Sept. 4. In the two half-hour episodes that will stream live on Comedy Central's Futurama page and the Nerdist YouTube channel, Hardwick—currently the host of The Nerdist, The Talking Dead, Talking Bad, and Talking To Some Dick Who Keeps Bringing Up Shipmates—will similarly preside over a panel that includes series creator Matt Groening and executive producer David X. Cohen, along with cast members Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr, and Lauren Tom. (Katey Sagal is, presumably, tied into some sort of exclusive post-show chat deal with that Sons Of Anarchy thing?) They’ll be joined after the finale by co-executive producer Patric M. Verrone and supervising director Peter Avanzino for another 30-minute chat, discussing behind-the-scenes details and answering questions fans have submitted through Twitter. And again, Chris Hardwick will be there, so you can be sure this TV show actually took place.


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