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Futurama will live on as a mobile game, shut up and give it your money


The Planet Express crew has been saved from cancelation once again, meaning we’ll soon be seeing even more wacky adventures from Fry, Bender, Leela, Amy, Hermes, Scruffy, Professor Farnsworth, and the other characters who aren’t as memorable. However, Futurama won’t be coming back as a TV show this time, and it also won’t be a series of mildly disappointing movies. Instead, it’ll be a mobile game, which is a way more popular medium than TV these days. TV sometimes sucks, but mobile games are often free and occasionally good.

The Futurama game is being developed by a studio called Wooga, which made a game called Diamond Dash that looks like a lot of other things that you can play on phones. The big hook for Futurama, though, will be that it reportedly features a story written by Secret Of Monkey Island’s Dave Grossman, Game Of Thrones: Ascent’s Jonathon Myters, and actual Futurama writer Patric Verrone. That all comes from Mashable, and though it’s all we know at the moment, it seems safe to assume that the game will feature colored gems that you have to match, a small village you have to babysit, or one of the Futurama characters running through an endless maze.


There’s also a poster, but it doesn’t tell us much (unless the game is called Futurama: Release The Drones).

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