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Futurama to get recast? *UPDATED* *AND UPDATED AGAIN*

The website Forces Of Geek is reporting, based on Facebook posts from John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, and Maurice LaMarche, that 20th Century FOX TV, which produces the show, may be trying to recast the revived Futurama. Now that sounds like a terrible idea…. because it's a terrible idea. But it seems to be happening. The site even reprints the audition sheet. For instance:

Bender, a cigar-smoking, booze-guzzling, kleptomaniac robot, had a successful career in bending girders but tired to kill himself when he found out the girders were being used for suicide booths. He was saved by Fry and later took a job at Planet Express. To be able to function properly, Bender needs the chemical energy from alcohol. Excessive drinking is mandatory or he will become sober and unable to control his body. Magnets stuck to his head make him sing like a folk singer…SERIES REGULAR


Not mentioned: "Should probably sound as awesome as John DiMaggio." [Hat tip to Matt Singer at IFC News.]

UPDATE: We're trying to get a statement from Groening's office, so far to no avail. But Groening, David X. Cohen, and voice talent Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, and Maurice LaMarche will all be on a panel at Comic Con next week. The text is interesting, too, promising that "a top-ranking FOX executive decides live, on stage, whether Futurama will make yet another triumphant return or whether it is gone forever!"

So, are we being played?

SECOND UPDATE: Apparently not.