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The X-Files' Lone Gunmen, trying to figure out who benefits from this obvious CIA smokescreen.

Poking fun at the recently revived X-Files and all its attendant conspiracy theories—or, if you’re being properly paranoid, distracting us from real ones with allusions to fun TV fake ones—the Central Intelligence Agency took time out of its busy day today to give a nod to the Fox series, with a blog post highlighting declassified documents that fall on both sides of the “Are UFOS real?” debate.


Divided into “Mulder” articles and those skewed toward a more “Scully-ist” point of view, it’s a fun little grab bag of mysterious shapes in the sky, surveys of witness reports, and scientific debunkings. Most of it comes from a 1978 declassification of the agency’s research into the possibility of UFOs, and is taken from its massive Freedom Of Information Act archives. (Meanwhile, in the midst of all this fun, there’s no mention of another X-Files standby: the CIA’s own MKUltra mind control project, an omission that would probably have The Lone Gunmen rolling in their shallow graves.)

[h/t Complex]

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