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Fuller House is getting more episodes for its third season of aggressive nostalgia

Photo: Netflix

Netflix handed out the Christmas gift no one really wanted this year by renewing Fuller House during the holiday. And now we learn that present is going to take up more room than we thought. The show’s executive producer Jeff Franklin announced on Instagram that the third season will consist of 18 episodes. The first two only had 13 apiece. Franklin dropped the reveal along with a cheery cast photo.


So presumably that means more Tanner family bonding, more dance routines, and more lame attempts to guilt Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen into showing up for a cameo. CinemaBlend points out that upping the number of episodes is a curious call given that, if numbers from Symphony Advanced Media are to be believed, viewership for the second season was down significantly following its December 9 debut. But Netflix apparently feels the need to balance out their acclaimed auteur projects with a hefty dose of nostalgic goofiness.

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