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Full House and Michel Foucalt meet at last in Michelle Foucault

You got it, dude — provided 'it' is an indoctrination in traditional power structures."

Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV? They are all symptoms of a rigid social order intent on maintaining power in the hands of the few to exploit the inherent submissiveness of the many. That’s apparent after checking out Michelle Foucault, a Tumblr that combines quotes from the works of philosopher Michel Foucault with adorable photos of Michelle Tanner from Full House.

The work of multi-hyphenate artist Buzz Slutsky, Michelle Foucault expertly juxtaposes the 20th-century theorist’s insights into the imposed will of the hegemony with that grim specter of the societal norm, the Olsen Twins. The effect is a jarring, if hilarious, combination of the cute with the dire warnings of a society that embraces its own subjugation. Given their proclivity for branding and penchant for market domination, hopefully the Olsen Twins will soon turn these images into Successories-esque posters to line the walls of philosophy professors across the land.



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