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Full-grown president still being a big, whiny baby about show he "doesn't watch"

Photo: Will Heath (NBC)

Taking a break from his busy schedule of calling people cooperating with his own government enforcement agencies “rats,” and perpetuating the perfect political conditions in which refugee children can die, Donald Trump returned to one of his favorite leisure activities this morning: Whining and moaning about Saturday Night Live, a TV show he’s repeatedly claimed that he never even watches any more, so there. Although he didn’t go into specifics, Trump’s tweets about the show this morning suggest that he’s not happy about the It’s A Wonderful Life parody the NBC sketch series ran last night, discussing in detail how much better the world would be if Alec Baldwin’s Trump hadn’t won the 2016 election.


SNL’s light gumming of Trump’s most obvious political evils was apparently too rough for the president’s thin skin, though, leading him to suggest—not for the first time—that he might someday test their ability to gently nudge his lumbering corpus in court. The above tweet is less a legal threat, though, and really just a celebration of the unique ability of Trump—a rich guy so loathsome, not even Colin Jost will defend him—to say in 50 words what might be more effectively expressed in 10. We especially love the ending, in which Trump seems to have realized he still has a few characters left, and decides to just sort of let his autocorrect go to town with its favorite, most frequently-tossed out words.

Anyway, we’d note, as we have before, that at least the time Trump spends talking and thinking about TV shows that are mean to him is time he can’t spend fucking up more important things, but, as history has proven, the only aspect of Trump’s brain that doesn’t have the responsive qualities of warm tapioca is his ability to multi-task his capacity to suck. In any case: C’mon, Donald. Why can’t you be more like Weezer, huh?

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