Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Almost immediately, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee became one of the more outspoken voices in late night political comedy. Like John Oliver, Bee has consistently and sharply given voice to a frustrated segment of the population that bemoans the lack of sensible progressive voices in Washington. (A segment of the population that is also perhaps missing the older and more consistent Daily Show, and finding its replacement in these series while Trevor Noah finds his footing.) And so, because TBS hasn’t suffered some sort of massive brain hemorrhage that causes it to make unfathomable decisions, the channel is renewing Full Frontal for a second season of firebrand discourse and biting jokes.

“I am only sorry that this renewal leaves me unavailable for a cabinet position in the new administration,” Bee says in the press release announcing the news. “I will, however, be available to host the White House Correspondents Dinner, seeing as I already bought the dress.” Bee has reason to buy nice outfits, given the show averages 3.3. million viewers per episode, is the fastest growing series in late night in terms of audience, and ranks in the top three late night shows in the coveted 18-49 demographic, i.e. the only demographic marketers give a shit about. So get ready for more jokes about things like the awful response to Seattle councilmembers blocking a sports stadium boondoggle, and more thoughtful and civil internet responses to her show from people who disagree.